when I decided to study theater in college, it made perfect sense to me but my parents were devastated.  My mom asked pointedly, “Linda, what black actors do you see on TV?  What parts could you play”?  I answered resoundly, “Thelma!  From ‘Good Times’”!

After getting my BFA from Howard, I went to the Yale School of Drama for my MFA where I got to work with theater titans like August Wilson and Lloyd Richards.  It was there that God plucked me out of an entirely “me-focused” life and set me on a course of serving others.

That game-changer turned my life a different direction, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Over the years, I’ve helped a number of folks with their spiritual walks and now my intention is  to marry my love for God with my love for performance and serve humanity.

I want to help others have transformative, humorous, and healing performance opportunities while creating and performing works that illuminate some under examined challenge to the human condition.

I know humor heals!  It bridges.  It helps us get through hard times a little easier.  I want to be a conduit for that kind of experience; whether it be through my own performance or things I write or direct for others.  I love to laugh!  Do you hear me?  Love it!  But never so much as when it’s shared laughing. 

I’ve worked with comedy giants like Woody Allen, Chris Rock, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, Drew Barrymore, and Ian Roberts (Upright Citizens Brigade) and hope to do so again and add to the list more projects and more collaborations.

Nowadays I have a day job where I help people with employment barriers find work.  It’s an undertaking fraught with obstacles, but my clients and I laugh all day!  I try to help them look at things that bring smiles to their faces. Laughing is free!