Giving Out of Your Poverty

I haven't written lately.  I didn't want to write from a negative outlook on the world.  I was feeling "blah" about everything and trying to stay out of the "muck and mire", given the political tirades I've been witnessing around me. I would have continued not writing, but something struck me recently that gave me hope and I wanted to pass it on.

I've been meditating on the concept of giving out of your poverty, lately.  In Luke 21:4 a poor widow is recognized by Jesus as giving "more than all the others" because she gave out of her poverty while others gave out of their wealth.  It made me think of how much faith it takes to give when, from your own perspective, you don't feel you have enough.  That's where your faith has to kick in for you to give to someone else.  That's when you're relying on God to replenish you somehow. And it's not logical.  This defies human reason. It's completely faith-based! In fact, you may even have to blind yourself to the facts and act on what you believe to be true about God's ability to supply your needs.

Today, that's where I'm writing  I'm writing with the belief that someone needs to know that what's given in faith is seen and acknowledged.  If no person ever gives public acknowledgement, God knows and sees what's given out of "poverty".  And your poverty can be anything you believe you don't have in plenitude at the moment.  God acknowledges when you give from what you don't have; whether it be energy, resources, joy, or anything else.

Sometimes you feel you don't have the enthusiasm you need to be a fun guest at someone's event and go anyway offering up whatever engagement or interesting stories you have.  I believe that offering will be multiplied and and therefore received with greater appreciation than if it was given under different circumstances.  

My hope is that your offering(s) be multiplied and serve to uplift others experiencing their own "poor widow" moments.