Be Open to Opportunities to Grow

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Hi there!  Thanks for joining me for my inaugural post on the Growing Open blog! I thought I'd start this post reminding us of nature's support for openness by drawing our attention to flowers.

Roses are a great source to find lessons about growing open. They require about 5 or 6 hours a day of sunlight to grow well.  Imagine that! If you put them in the shade, they may not die right away, but they won't grow as healthy as they would in sunlight. Sun exposes whatever is in its light; and at the same time fosters the growth of the flowers that sit in it.

Sometimes, our insecurities make us want to hide parts of ourselves; live in "the shade", so to speak. We can be so concerned about not wanting to reveal any weaknesses, that we miss out on getting help or understanding how to strengthen those weakness. Letting weakness show also brings us into community with other people who feel the same temptation to hide.

This past weekend, I had the thought that I wanted to work on writing screenplays. Just as if it was scripted for television, a friend texted asking if I could write a 5 minute film for a film festival she wanted to submit to.

Now, because I'm not a skilled screenwriter I was tempted to say, "Let me get better at screenwriting first, then I'll let you know when my work's ready". But I then considered, "What if this opportunity is coming as a response to what I just put out there in the universe?" The least I could do was be open to the means by which I could grow in the very direction I claimed I wanted: writing screenplays!

When I saw the request from my friend as a response to my thought about writing screenplays, I knew I had to do it! Even though the script would be needed in a ridiculously short amount of time, I saw it as a chance to grow. It was a way to bring my writing aspirations "out into the sun".

As creative people, we can feel protective of anything we create and want to delay bringing it to the public until it's perfect.  The problem with that is it will never be perfect, so you may never release it (whatever "it" is)!

So I wrote a 5 minute script in a few hours for Noble Fountain Films ( to submit for the 72 Hour Shootout Competition hosted by the Asian American Film Festival.  Having the cast read it the very next day was terrifying and wonderful!  Saying "Yes" to doing something so out of my comfort realm was liberating and has opened the door to something I gave birth to in my thoughts.

I hope you'll be open to the next opportunity that comes your way that can help you grow in the direction you want. Let's be like roses and live in the sun!

What's been something that presented itself to you as a growth opportunity?