As an actor, I’m stimulated by work that uncovers some under-examined aspect of the human experience. And I love a humorous point of view!

I don’t believe that people don’t care.  I believe people don’t know!  Or maybe we know, but we’re scared to consider what knowing will mean for us. That we'll have to do something.


How will we know unless someone shines a light?  And that someone has got to “shine it” in a way that makes me care. That’s why I think the “how” has got to go down easy.  I like to laugh while I learn!  And I believe others feel that way too.  We have daily commitments!  We don’t have time to think about the tough things in life that don’t affect us (or don’t seem to).  


So if I’m going to turn my attention to it, it’s got to give me something. If that’s a laugh, then amen! A lesson comes with? All the better! And it’s family friendly? I’m all in! I’m particularly interested in works that lift, inspire, and have a new take on an unresolved issue. I want to connect with others creating projects like that. Let’s connect!