‘To whom much is given, much is expected’. Here are some worthy causes to which I give time and heart.


Every chance I get, I help out an organization I support called, "Hope worldwide".  Look them up and see what they do!  Maybe we'll run into each other working on one of their many projects.

nyccoc children's ministry

I teach the kids at my church on a rotating schedule.  At our church, it's not just babysitting.  These kids learn their bibles!  And so do the teachers!  We engage young people in being creative, having fun, and thinking through some of life's challenges.  I learn a lot from these young people.  They're the heart beat of tomorrow!


American Cancer Society does an annual fundraising walk in Central Park called Making Strides.

american cancer society

As long as I'm able, I usually participate in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides event in Central Park where money is raised for breast cancer research. 


Describe! is a program hosted by Healing Arts Initiative to supply vocal descriptions to blind theatre patrons.

healing arts initiative

I describe the action or scenes and costumes as part of HAI's Describe! program for visually impaired patrons of Broadway or Off-Broadway shows to enhance their theatre-going experience. This began as a voluntary position that grew into a paid position. HAI has recently had to close due to mismanagement.