I want my legacy to be how hard I made you laugh; how deep I made you cry; and how open I left your mind.

In high school, I played some great parts at school and with a theater company of teenage actors where we got paid to perform in community centers, libraries, festivals, etc. Acting was my first real job! So when I set my sights on studying theater in college, it made perfect sense to me but my parents were devastated! My mom was like, “Linda, there aren’t any black actors on TV! What part could you play?” I retorted, “Thelma! From ‘Good Times’”!


So I went to Howard University and got my BFA; and then on to Yale for an MFA. There, I got to work with August Wilson and Lloyd Richards and other really amazing talents. But then, came the surprising plot twist. All of a sudden, I was all about God!  Lord knows, I didn’t see that coming! And he turned my life a completely different direction.  


Over the years, I’ve been mostly working in jobs where I help people; and all the while with a spiritual focus. Now my intention is to merge spiritual passion with my passion for performance and use what comes of it to brighten up the world.  

I want to give people transformative, humorous, and healing experiences by creating and performing works that shine a light on some under examined challenge of the human condition.

When it comes to my writing, I am guided by this thinking: Funny is potent! Especially, when it’s saying something deep. That’s what I want to do. Say something with my work that’s funny and deep. Funny helps us get through rough times. Lightens our mood. There’s nothing like that healing feeling that washes over you after bursting out in an unrestrained explosion of guffaws! I want to be known for generating that kind of experience.  


Along the way, I’ve gotten to work with guys who, in their own way, are inspiring people with their comedy; guys like Woody Allen, Chris Rock and the Upright Citizens Brigade. I hope to spread my brand of funny all around the world. In ways that no one has ever done it before. And while I’m at it bring light to some botheration that needs attention.  I’m interested in collaborating with folk who care about society’s quandaries. You feel me?