Today, I'm interested in writing what helps people grow in the direction they want to go. Sometimes, a person is so in the habit of hiding their opinion that they can't imagine a different existence. That's why I've included an openness assessment tool in the book for you to test your own comfort level with being known. As a gift for visiting my page you can download the openness assessment tool at

Today, confrontation and conflict resolution have my greatest attention. Tomorrow, it will be something else. But my intention is to help people transform, heal, and grow more open until being confrontational is not scary or a reason to get combative, but an expected part of relationships. You can also use this free action guide to help with your confrontations even if you don't get the book!  Go to

Deep down, each of us wants to be able to confront what we think is wrong.

"The Charm" made the top ten books in the communication & social skills category just behind Dale Carnegie!