This site is about me and three of my identities: Actor, Creator, and Career Coach. My various identities all have at their core my love of storytelling and it’s from there that I work.

Whether it’s performing as an actor or comic, my primary interest is in serving an uplifting story. Since I’m at home here, I’ll be frank. Some stories aren’t worth telling. To me, at least. If you’re not better off for having experienced it, I have no interest in telling it. Can’t help it. I’m picky.

As a creator, I’ve written a solo show (Linda Means to Wait), a short film (Elevator Lesson), written a book (The Charm of Confrontation), and now I’m working on some web-classes for Career Changers, Job Seekers, and Stage Actors who want to make residual income by turning their expertise into digital products.

As a Career Coach, I use my storytelling skills to help my job-seeking or career-changing clients over 40 craft the wording in their cover letters to highlight their organic strengths.