...to build the career you want, you’ve got to find a way to sustain a life in the New York City area.

During the day my title is Placement Specialist. I know, right? Funny, how life surprises you! While journeying this path called "life" I’ve got to pay for shelter and “I gotta eat”! So a “Day Job” is my primary stream of income, though only one. I am also an Actor, Writer, and Career Coach. One of the benefits of booking so many day jobs for myself in the past is that I picked up a thing or two about how to land work quick! Now, I can share that information with anyone who’s interested. 


I get it. You’re a creative! Your plan isn’t to work in an office the rest of your life. Or carry somebody’s dinner plate back and forth! But to get to where you want to go, you’ve got to find a way to sustain a life in the New York City area. And these days your options are endless!


In the past, I would offer advice to friends or siblings when they were job-seeking and discovered that certain practices worked for them just like they did for me! I can show you simple tools to up your chances of being seen as the right fit for the job you need for the time you need it. I’ve done that so much for others it’s now become a skill; especially for Stage Actors, Career Changers, and Job Seekers over 40.

I can help you find complementary work to help you get there.

So that’s what I do during the day:  Help people find the next best work for them. Currently, I’m doing that for a non-profit organization from 9 to 5. And I’m assisting people who are hard to place. I help them identify their strengths, name those strengths through stories, and state them in cover letters and resumes in ways that make their job submissions pop!


If you're a creative person who needs help with your job search, let me know. Or maybe you’re someone looking to make a Career Change. Whatever’s going on with you that puts you in the place of searching for work opportunities, send me an email and we can book a time to chat, talk about what you do now, where you want to go, and your ideas on how you want to get there.