Weekday Lindism

Hey friend!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  This is my first post.  This is not going to be a blog that has a lot to say.  I speak a lot in life, so here I'm going to let the saying speak for itself.  I'm simply going to point out which saying I was playing on to write the Lindism.  If I have a few more thoughts on it I'll share them. 

Today's Lindism is a riff on the saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

The original is a comment on how foolish behavior in regards to how one handles his money can lead to a loss of funds.  In my twist I'm adding that jail is a sometime consequence of that same foolish behavior.

What I find particularly poignant about this saying is how any of us can behave foolishly with money and get separated from it.  I think when you're in a needy position, that's not a good time to make weighty financial decisions.  We're too vulnerable then.  Our ability  to detect holes in a scheme is not as sharp as it would be under financially healthy circumstances.  And if we keep on pursuing the almighty dollar we can talk ourselves into believing that something that's illegal is actually okay. That's when being "carted off to jail" can become a reality.  

If you have any thoughts, I'm game for conversation; otherwise, until next time....

Think on it!

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