Deciding what you'll see in 2017!


I've been thinking a lot about seeing lately. The interesting thing about seeing is that it often isn't sight with which we see, but our focus (attention). The conclusion we draw about what we see is guided by what we've predetermined. Which details we decide to focus on and the meanings we give them are guided by a belief system.

In Luke 24:15-31, Jesus goes unseen by his disciples even while he was walking and talking with them. The scriptures say they were kept from recognizing him, but it doesn't say what kept them. It's my belief their own worries or beliefs that he was dead (or stolen) impeded them from really taking Jesus in when he approached them.

I know I can be like worried about something that the very thing I'm looking for alludes me! My mind can be so consumed with something that I fail to actually "see" the pickles that I'm staring at in the refrigerator. That happens when I don't expect to find them, so I don't see them. Something convinces me they're lost and I get so set in that thinking that even while I'm looking at the pickles, I don't see them!

In fact, it's not until the disciples break bread with Jesus that they recognize him (Luke 24:30-31). It makes me wonder if the act of taking food in is what allows them to finally recognize that they are in the presence of God. Maybe Jesus wanted his followers to realize that, though he's the bread of life (John 6:35), they'd have to actually "take him in" to see him.

Isn't that true for each of us; that what we internalize is what's real for us? That's why it's important that we are selective about what we take in. We might be looking in the face of a miracle and not see it, if we haven't set our minds to see it!

So, this year of 2017, I've pre-determined to see "Godness" in all people, places, and things. To me, Godness, is limitlessness. It's the infinity that's in each of us (Ecclesiastes 3:11).  I suspect it will be difficult at times; especially, when someone's behavior is bad. But, I've already decided to see Godness even then. I want to see it, so my intention is to stay ready to see it. I'm going to take it in whatever the circumstances.  What do you want to see this year?